Monday, June 30, 2008

I have to start somewhere

So I created this blog about 18 months ago, but never took the plunge for that inaugural post, until Alice asked me what gives. I couldn't decide - do I want this to be a blog about my work as an engineering professor, my heretofore less public activism for queer equality in the Presbyterian Church, or other, still not public direct actions for a variety of social justice causes... or do I want it to be about my more recently adopted harmless hobbies: running, cooking, gardening, knitting. Lately it's all been coming together. My knitting has become political. We even did a project to support queer inclusion in the Presbyterian church. And I wrote a book about engineering and social justice.

I'm all about this new integration. My critiques of facebook notwithstanding, I have to say it has provided a space for integration of selves I had kept mostly separate - engineer from activist, family from friends, friends from students, queer Presbyterian (I managed to put those two together somehow) from engineer, etc. When I've friended my students and my pastors and my knitting cohorts and my partners in crime, it forces a reckoning of self to self. Still, I won't be putting it all out here. I intend to edit, in order to maintain boundaries in my life, and hopefully in order to say something coherent. Maybe someone will even find it worth their time to read it.

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